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Stacey Carlton AIFD

Flowers engage me. They are a constant source of wonder and inspiration. I am intrigued by everything botanical from their cultivation, their history, and their various uses spanning from artistic to traditional, to medicinal and beyond. Our world is deeply involved with botanicals, and I spend my days honoring this relationship and discovering new ways to enrich the lives of others with this connection. I take great pride in what I do, and sharing with others fulfills me. "I must have flowers, always and always," and I think you should too.


A little about me

Stacey Carlton AIFD is a second generation floral designer and educator residing in Chicago. Her extensive educational journey is supported by her life-long training in floristry, horticulture, and visual arts. Stacey was inducted into The American Institute of Floral Designers in 2010 and is currently serving as the Marketing Chair.  She is an internationally published artist most recently in the highly coveted 2016/2017 International Floral Art Book by Stitching Kunstboek.  Stacey achieved a three year consecutive win from Fusion Flower Magazine’s International Designer of the Year competition.  As the owner of The Flora Culturist she prefers to demonstrate her natural modern design aesthetic in large scale installations, event decor, visual editorials, and street art. Stacey is a member of the Floriology Education Team and has an integral part in product and packaging development and innovation with Fair Trade flower growers. She is passionate about advancing the artistry of the floral and horticulture industry by supporting design education and encouraging individual style and techniques.